87th Conference by AILM Associazione Italiana LEAN Managers in collaboration with ALES the European Lean Managers Society

The event will start on Wednesday the 26th of October 2022 at 17:00 CET (5 pm) on ZOOM

ALES is the largest European association on improvement in all its forms, from Lean Production to Change Management, from Six Sigma to M & A.

The conference deals with a highly topical issue in the business world, with significant – but not yet fully known to the general public – consequences also on a legal level, on which it is necessary to be increasingly prepared and updated: ANTI-CORRUPTION and COMPLIANCE. This is an initiative in which the speakers will not receive compensation, in the non-profit spirit of ALES.

Keynote speaker:

Other speakers

Cecilia Pizzutti, Global Head of Internal Controls in VOLTALIA
Nicola Allocca, Risk, Compliance, Business Continuity and Quality Director in AUTOSTRADE PER L’ITALIA
Antonio Buonafine, Head of Governance & Compliance in ARVEDI GROUP

The event also includes speeches by members of the AILM scientific committee
Giovanni Cerovaz, Corporate Legal Consultant Lawyer
Marco Pellegrini, Avvocato Cassazionista

Participation in the online event is limited and free, but will only be guaranteed after post-registration confirmation which usually takes place within a few days from the time of registration. The event will last a maximum of 2 hours.